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for when I am weak, then am I strong

Just at that point when we think we can’t get any lower

When we feel we’ve gotten to the base our life

When we are at the deepest deep

When its lyk we r falling thru space only to land and realise

We landed on the rock the one true foundation on which the life ov every Christian is built

And we realise lyk Paul said for when I am weak, then am I strong

I get excited when I grow in Christ, but I am learning to be even more excited when I make mistakes when I realize my flaws and weaknesses.

Not because my flaws are good but because I av come to realize that in my flaws Christ is more alive in me, in my flaws he works Himself in me, in my flaws he is teaching me that it’s not about me, it’s about his life at work in me.

Am excited because I realize it’s really not about aw strong I am in masef, it’s actually the complete opposite,

Aw well I realize that he is the ALPHA the OMEGA the AUTHOR the FINISHER the PERFECTOR of my life.

He has done it all PERFECTLY; I live out that, which he has already done in me,

Because His love would always outstand our greatest flaws, and his perfect love chases away all fears and gives us a reason to live expressing boldly the AMAZING life he died and resurrected for us to have

And I can’t but stand in awe and shout HALLELUYAH.



thank yu father for making me a perfection of God’s beauty.

the kingdom of GOD

the kingdom of God is the dominion of the father. it is the reign of God, where heaven is his throne and the earth is his footstool.
he reigns on earth now and forever, his dominion is through ma very life. the holy spirit reigns through me.
in a kingdom you av the king, the royal house hold and the subordinates.
in ma father’s kingdom. he is the king and kings, i am his royal child, his princess, the angels are our ministers, i belong to royality royal blood flows in me. even while i am here on earth.
he reaches out through me, establishing his dominion here on earth.
in every sphere of life, it is ma responsibility to make sure things work appropriately, enforcing the will of ma father.
love yu Jesus.

learn to live from ur spirit

Every christian has been created bigger than what he sees on the outside. the life of God in you is a great life. Christ died to save us, Fine!!! but He never ended there. he went to hell to defeat the devil and made a mess the devil and his cohorts.
He came out of hell went to His father and was crowned head of ALLLLLLLLL. He was practical made Lord of evertin you could ever think of. He came back to earth and told us that that same power He has, he has given unto us.
we are not just saved we av been made equal in power with the Son. not my fault it’s special privilege.
when you are faced with situationzzzz, yu dont cry. NO!!!
you look within, see all the resources you have, the heavenly host here you belong, all the forces of heaven backing you up, the power of the MOST HIGH fueling up within u.
you are propelled and you live above the situation,. you could walk thru, jump over, stroll thru, watever you wanna do, it’s left to you, but trust me as a christian. God has invested so much in you. when i say so much i mean Himself. he invested all of himself into you. God lovessssss you. have a great day………… DONT DULL!!!

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